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Our Services

Thinking of switching Accountant, talk to us and we will take up everything with your current accountant

Business Services

From your source documents we compile or review your accounts, compute your corporation tax and file it to HMRC and Companies House

By outsourcing your book keeping, this is the most affordable way for a small business to spare precious time and resources. You just provide us with your bank statements and invoices and we do the rest.

With cloud accounting, your accounts is up to date and at your fingertip anytime by simply connecting to your account

Sometimes as a company you may want to go further than just book keeping. For some companies regular management accounts are important to follow Cashflow, Profitability, Performance, Customer activity, Credit control and compare Budgets. Hiring an in-house accountant for that may be costly. With Certax you are sure to be on top of all the essential information for the right management decisions at the most affordable price.

Value added tax is a complex tax that some businesses inadvertently overpay or underpay VAT.

What makes it complex is the ever widening scope of VAT, the constant stream of detailed changes to the regulations, and the ever growing demands of HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) call for a trained professional eye to ensure that you do not fall foul of the regulations and do not pay the Exchequer more than you need to.

We at Certax, we are sure to relieve you of all these headaches. We provide

  1. Assistance with VAT registration
  2. Advice on VAT planning and administration
  3. Use of the most appropriate scheme
  4. VAT control and reconciliation
  5. Help with completing VAT returns
  6. Planning to minimise future problems with HMRC
  7. Negotiating with HMRC in disputes and representing you at VAT tribunals

We offer a completely confidential and cost-effective service that includes:

  1. Starters and leavers
  2. Code number changes
  3. Customised and generic payslips
  4. Taxable benefits and P11Ds
  5. Company, personal, and stakeholder pension schemes
  6. Advice on tax and NIC payable
  7. Processing payments through BACS
  8. Standard payroll reports
  9. Production of year-end P60s
  10. Preparation and electronic filing of forms P14 & P35

As with any other area of taxation, it is essential to be proactive and plan ahead when dealing with corporation tax.

In this way you can:

  1. Minimise your corporation tax liabilities
  2. Make the most of any available reliefs, tax losses and deferment opportunities
  3. Ensure you meet all your CTSA deadlines and file your returns correctly, thereby avoiding any potential penalties

In addition to helping you with your corporate tax planning we can also represent you in any communication with the tax authorities.

Our service includes:

  1. Preparing and filing accounts and annual returns
  2. Maintaining statutory registers:
    • Register of Allotments
    • Register of Transfers
    • Register of Members
    • Register of Directors
    • Register of Secretaries
    • Register of Directors' Interests
    • Register of Mortgages and Charges
  3. Preparing and filing Companies House forms recording:
    • Changes of officers
    • Changes of registered office
    • Increases in share capital
    • Allotments of shares
    • Changes of accounting reference date
  4. If required, providing your company with a registered office address

When starting up we can help you with:

  1. Preparing a comprehensive business plan
  2. Determining the best structure of your business: sole trader, partnership, limited liability partnership, or limited company
  3. Where appropriate, assisting with company formation and company secretarial duties
  4. Registering your new business with the HMRC
  5. Establishing relationships with banks, insurers, etc
  6. Preparing cashflow projections and assessing finance needs
  7. Preparing and submitting finance applications
  8. General bookkeeping, VAT, and payroll duties
  9. Tax planning
  10. Management accounts

We are able to assist you if you are seeking to set up a company in Europe namely France and Belgium

Personal Services

Trusts are extremely useful instruments for tax planning purposes. They are particularly useful for holding shares in private companies as part of a family financial or tax plan - especially if you want to reduce inheritance tax liability on your estate.

We can help you determine which types of trust are suited to your purposes, prepare the necessary documentation, and advise on appropriate trustees.

  1. self-employed as a ‘sole trader’ and earned more than £1,000
  2. a partner in a business partnership or a company direct

You do not need to send a return if your only income is from your wages or pension unless you earn over 100K a year.

However you if you earn less than 100K but have other untaxed income, for example from rent, commission, dividends, interest from savings or foreign income you need to file a return.

  1. money from renting out a property
  2. tips and commission
  3. income from savings, investments and dividends
  4. foreign income

Capital Gains Tax is a tax on the profit when you dispose of something (an ‘asset’) that’s increased in value.

It’s the gain you make that’s taxed, not the amount of money you receive.

There are so many parameters to its calculation that as a business or an individual it’s best to seek the assistance of a professional like Certax.

Inheritance Tax is a tax on the estate (the property, money and possessions) of someone who’s died. There again it’s always reassuring to talk to a professional like Certax.